Sophie Turner

Super smart, super beautiful Sophie Turner was Gina’s guest. She just got her masters in entertainment law, while juggling a very hot modeling career. You might know Sophie from her numerous T.V. appearances or you might have seen her on TMZ. This lady rose to the top using her brains and she tells all in […]

Amy Jane

Can you believe this beautiful girl is a former Marine? Amy Jane is a force to be reckoned with. She is a single mom, model, actress and pitbull advocate. Amy’s mission these days is to help educate people about the “bully breeds”. On this show Amy tells people about her journey from Marine to pitbull […]

London Becs

London Becs the current Miss California United States was Gina’s guest. London will surprise you with her brains and her beauty. Her life was forever transformed with the birth of her sister who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. In this interview London shares her journey to be the best she can be and how she […]

Rachelle Louise

Gina’s guest was world traveler Rachelle Louise. What is it like to be only 22 years old and traveling the world on you own? Well Rachelle Louise knows, originally from Australia she has been roaming the world as a free spirit basically sight seeing for two straight years. In this show you will see the […]

Nicole Lenz

This was such a fun high energy show. Nicole Lenz is smart, cool, and has a lot to say.  On this episode of Beyond Beautiful, Nicole shared her views on how to manifest love into your life. And you email questions were answered. Listen to the show here. These days when she’s not taking care […]

Colleen (Coco) Hunter

Colleen Hunter, better known as simply Coco is an articulate, smart and very beautiful girl. And for only being 22 years old, she’s a sharp cookie! This was an unexpected and candid show where Coco was willing to share insight into her personal life and Gina joined in the discussion as well. And listen email […]

Kandiss Marie Lewis

This week’s beautiful guest was Kandiss Marie Lewis. It must be hard to have to “make-out”  with some of the most handsome men in Hollywood, but for Kandiss it’s all in a days work! And on this show some of your most OUTRAGEOUS email questions were answered! Listen to the entire show here Kandiss Marie […]

Rayne Ivanushka

At 19, Rayne Ivanushka is the youngest guest ever to appear on Beyond Beautiful, yet this was one of the best and most interesting shows by far! Rayne is smart, easy to talk to and has traveled the world. This was a fun candid interview that turned out to be a family affair. Listen to […]

Gemma Lee Farrell

This was a VERY SPECIAL episode. Featuring GEMMA LEE FARRELL AND Hip Hop Mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS. Gina’s in studio guest was Lingerie model Gemma Lee Farrell. This Australian beauty is very focused on her career, but has plenty advice to give about: cheaters, texting, players and much more. And at the end of the show […]