Oct 11 Pennelope Jimenez

Gina’s special guest this week was gorgeous Pennelope Jimenez. This former model now owns one of the most popular play center’s for kids in Los Angeles. She tells Gina about her journey from modeling to running a successful business. And your email questions were answered! Listen to the interview here.  Gorgeous Pennelope  Jimenez is of […]

Sophie Mazzaro, Jenn Kathleen and Chris Gore

This was a wild ride of a show as Gina was the moderator with panel of two beautiful women and one VERY out spoken man. The guests were: Sophie Mazzaro, Jenn Kathleen and Chris Gore. Topics included: sex, love, dating, party crashing and shallow people. And your love and dating questions were answered.     […]

Maryam Faresh

This was one of Gina’s most personal and heartfelt shows. Gina’s special Beyond Beautiful guest was Maryam Faresh author of the book What About Daisy. Maryam adopted a deafblind puppy from Gina in 2008 and Maryam’s life was forever transformed. Maryam shares with the listeners her journey in raising a deafblind dog and the courage […]

Alycia Darby

Listen to the interview here. Alycia Darby motivational speaker and fitness trainer talks about her life as a former pageant girl, her life in LA and her secret to having an amazing body. And your love and dating questions were answered. Alycia Darby has been professionally motivating people for over 10 years as a pageant […]

Jesse Golden

One of Gina’s most popular guest makes a very special return visit. Model, mom, health and wellness guru, Jesse Golden shares her exciting news with Gina. When Jesse was 29 years old she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis . Through her determined spirit and acquired knowledge she has learned how to […]

London Becs

London Becs the current Miss California United States was Gina’s guest. London will surprise you with her brains and her beauty. Her life was forever transformed with the birth of her sister who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. In this interview London shares her journey to be the best she can be and how she […]

Rachelle Louise

Gina’s guest was world traveler Rachelle Louise. What is it like to be only 22 years old and traveling the world on you own? Well Rachelle Louise knows, originally from Australia she has been roaming the world as a free spirit basically sight seeing for two straight years. In this show you will see the […]

Nicole Lenz

This was such a fun high energy show. Nicole Lenz is smart, cool, and has a lot to say.  On this episode of Beyond Beautiful, Nicole shared her views on how to manifest love into your life. And you email questions were answered. Listen to the show here. These days when she’s not taking care […]

Dara Fischetti

Gina’s guest was Dara Fischetti owner of Super Girl Fitness. What type of work-out will give you the fastest results?  Dara share all of her tips and tricks to looking your best. AND we are giving away prizes to listeners! Dara began as a professional dancer, singer,  SAG stunt woman and actress.  She performed in […]

Erica Taylor, Colin Megaro & Jenn Clark

Gina interviews a panel of experts: Fashion, Dating and Sex. Why are you still single? Are you to old to wear that? What is your attitude about life and dating? This is a fun, eye opening and high energy show! Guests included: Celebrity stylist Colin Megaro, Love & dating expert Jenn Clark and actress Erica […]