Oct 4th Monica Hansen

The beautiful Monica Hansen was the featured guest this week. Monica speaks 9 languages and is not only beautiful she is a philanthropist. Gina asks Monica if there is a down side to being beautiful and finds out what it takes to get a date with this savvy world traveler. And your email questions were […]

Sophie Mazzaro, Jenn Kathleen and Chris Gore

This was a wild ride of a show as Gina was the moderator with panel of two beautiful women and one VERY out spoken man. The guests were: Sophie Mazzaro, Jenn Kathleen and Chris Gore. Topics included: sex, love, dating, party crashing and shallow people. And your love and dating questions were answered.     […]

Kristen De Luca

Listen to the interview here. Gina’s guest on Beyond Beautiful this week, model Kristen DeLuca. Kristen is taking Hollywood by storm. With a degree in criminal justice, she tells Gina why she choose Hollywood over catching criminals and dishes on some of the well known celebs she’s met. And your email questions were answered! Kristen […]

Sophie Turner

Super smart, super beautiful Sophie Turner was Gina’s guest. She just got her masters in entertainment law, while juggling a very hot modeling career. You might know Sophie from her numerous T.V. appearances or you might have seen her on TMZ. This lady rose to the top using her brains and she tells all in […]

Amy Jane

Can you believe this beautiful girl is a former Marine? Amy Jane is a force to be reckoned with. She is a single mom, model, actress and pitbull advocate. Amy’s mission these days is to help educate people about the “bully breeds”. On this show Amy tells people about her journey from Marine to pitbull […]

Kandiss Marie Lewis

This week’s beautiful guest was Kandiss Marie Lewis. It must be hard to have to “make-out”  with some of the most handsome men in Hollywood, but for Kandiss it’s all in a days work! And on this show some of your most OUTRAGEOUS email questions were answered! Listen to the entire show here Kandiss Marie […]

Rayne Ivanushka

At 19, Rayne Ivanushka is the youngest guest ever to appear on Beyond Beautiful, yet this was one of the best and most interesting shows by far! Rayne is smart, easy to talk to and has traveled the world. This was a fun candid interview that turned out to be a family affair. Listen to […]

Carolyn Stotesbery

 Actress, model and humanitarian Carolyn Stotesbery talks about her life, her passions and her philanthropy. And all of your love and dating questions are answered.Listen to the full interview here An actress, writer, singer, musician, and ultimately a producer, Carolyn Stotesbery is the epitome of a new age renaissance woman with poetic sensibility that interconnects […]

Erika Ross

Gina welcomes Erika Ross to the show. Erika is not only SUPER hot, she has opinions! In fact Erika dispenses advice on her popular youtube channel called Let’s Be Honest and in this interview with Gina she holds nothing back. Topics in this show include: sex, dating, cheating and much much more! Listen to the […]

Kari Klinkenborg

Kari Klinkenborg has plenty to say in this candid live interview. She is not only super model beautiful she is the founder of Feeding Soles, a project designed to help inner city kids in need. On this show Gina and Kari discuss what it’s like to be young, beautiful and philanthropic. Also discussed in this […]