Oct 18 Sophia Le

Sophia Le is one smart girl. As Gina’s featured guest, Sophia was eager to discuss relationships, dating, food and how she got into modeling. This was a fun, candid, high energy show. And your relationship questions were answered. Listen to the interview here


Sophia Le is a model, actress, and self proclaimed chef and foodie. Although often mistaken for every ethnicity in the book, she is actually Vietnamese with just a splash of French… for flavor!


You may have seen her as the trophy presenter at this year’s Grammy Awards or in national commercials for Capital One, Kia Optima, Big lots and several others. She’s also graced the pages of Swoop Magazine, Max Sports & Fitness, Blisss, and more. “Modeling isn’t something I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I kind of fell into it about 8 years ago, and since then it’s become a passion of mine. It’s a career choice that brings me so much happiness and when you’re happy, I feel that you attract happy people and your life just takes off.”


When she’s not at a photoshoot or out on a casting, she finds comfort in cooking at home. “I love new experiences! Whether it’s new food, new countries, or new people, I get super excited. I’m a huge foodie, so I love eating and cooking. My specialties are fried rice and spaghetti.”


“I’m used to knowing what I want and just going for it. I’m ME no matter who I’m with or where I am. My feelings never stay hidden; you can either read it from my face or I’ll tell you straight up.”

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