Maryam Faresh

This was one of Gina’s most personal and heartfelt shows. Gina’s special Beyond Beautiful guest was Maryam Faresh author of the book What About Daisy. Maryam adopted a deafblind puppy from Gina in 2008 and Maryam’s life was forever transformed. Maryam shares with the listeners her journey in raising a deafblind dog and the courage it takes to beat the odds. Listen to the interview here.

Born and raised just outside San Francisco, Maryam moved to Los Angeles over ten years ago to pursue teaching, performing and competing in Salsa and Belly Dance. She has performed with Enrique Iglesias, Tito Puente, danced on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Days of our Lives and Fame LA to name a few.  You may also have seen her self- produced, instructional dance video, Salsa Fusion.

Now Maryam is adding author to her list of credits with Daisy, the real life account of raising a deafblind dog (foreword written by Cesar Millan), and her children’s book series, What about Daisy?, stories inspired by the real Daisy, with gentle lessons of tolerance and overcoming obstacles.

Spreading this message through books, her podcast, a Los Angeles based television show, and school tours has become Maryam’s newest and most important creative passion next to caring for Daisy and her three furry siblings. For all the info on Daisy go here

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