Kristen De Luca

Listen to the interview here. Gina’s guest on Beyond Beautiful this week, model Kristen DeLuca. Kristen is taking Hollywood by storm. With a degree in criminal justice, she tells Gina why she choose Hollywood over catching criminals and dishes on some of the well known celebs she’s met. And your email questions were answered!

Kristen is the oldest of her two siblings, Erika and Joey, and the daughter of Sherri and Joe DeLuca. She was raised in the small town of Brunswick, Ohio where she was in front of audiences and cameras at the early age of three, being a competitive gymnast, cheerleader and dancer. She competed in Beauty Pageants, Miss Teen Ohio being one, and also won over the hearts of her classmates in High School by Winning the title of Homecoming Queen of the Junior Class. She moved to Tampa, Florida at age eighteen, where she graduated “Cum Laude” in the top 10% of her class with a B.S. in Criminology from the University of South Florida in 2005, and was a member of several prestigious National and International Honor Societies. She relocated to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of succeeding in ShowBiz, where she now lives and works as a television and film actress, model, and professional host for educational programming. Kristen has made quite a name for herself over the years and is also recognized by many fans worldwide from her social networking websites. When she has a goal in mind for herself, there is no stopping her!

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