Alycia Darby

Listen to the interview here. Alycia Darby motivational speaker and fitness trainer talks about her life as a former pageant girl, her life in LA and her secret to having an amazing body. And your love and dating questions were answered.

Alycia Darby has been professionally motivating people for over 10
years as a pageant coach, career counselor, fitness trainer, professor
and motivational speaker. She is the Spokesperson for the
International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) to educate the world
about fitness at national conventions and through video tutorials.  As
a former Miss Maryland Galaxy, Alycia began her coaching career as a
Professional Pageant Coach and currently coaches women competing in
Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss International pageant organizations.
Alycia received a Master of Science degree in counseling and became a
certified Career Coach as a professional Career Counselor and
Professor at colleges and universities. Currently, She is the Director
of Employee Development and Training at Circuit Works Fitness Studios
in Brentwood and Venice and a member of Fitness Models International.
Alycia is available for Motivational Speaking and Team-building
Workshops for organizations, companies, and professional conferences.

Fun facts:
Grew up in small town, Pennsylvania
Moved to LA in April 2011
Had several short-term relationships (about 3 months), but recently
met the man I will likely marry! 🙂
Eat Super-clean diet (very healthy), but love cookies!
I’ll probably never be a “mom”
Beauty Secret: Dry Shampoo

How to Connect:
Twitter: @AlyciaDarby

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