London Becs

London Becs the current Miss California United States was Gina’s guest. London will surprise you with her brains and her beauty. Her life was forever transformed with the birth of her sister who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. In this interview London shares her journey to be the best she can be and how she has been inspired by her sister and she hopes to inspire others. Listeners email questions were answered. Check out this inspiring interview here

In London’s own words:

People often ask me how I keep my figure so fit and the secret is there’s no secret. I am gluten-free, dairy-free, eat no fried or processed foods including table salt, white rice or simple sugar. I also eat only free-rage, grass fed, wild white meat and fish and no red meat
I believe actions speak the loudest in this world and what we do with our bodies including what we put into our bodies determines both our energy level along with our moods so I am extremely committed to sweating at least one time a day andmaintain a fast metabolism by eating at least one bite of food every 1-2 hours starting first thing when I wake up and stay away from carbs/sugar after dark.
I am also sponsored by the all-organic completely chemical free patented Lavish Tan, who is responsible for my airbrushed glow that helped me look stunning in the Miss California pageant, especially the swimsuit portion


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