Rachelle Louise

Gina’s guest was world traveler Rachelle Louise. What is it like to be only 22 years old and traveling the world on you own? Well Rachelle Louise knows, originally from Australia she has been roaming the world as a free spirit basically sight seeing for two straight years. In this show you will see the […]

Nicole Lenz

This was such a fun high energy show. Nicole Lenz is smart, cool, and has a lot to say.  On this episode of Beyond Beautiful, Nicole shared her views on how to manifest love into your life. And you email questions were answered. Listen to the show here. These days when she’s not taking care […]

Colleen (Coco) Hunter

Colleen Hunter, better known as simply Coco is an articulate, smart and very beautiful girl. And for only being 22 years old, she’s a sharp cookie! This was an unexpected and candid show where Coco was willing to share insight into her personal life and Gina joined in the discussion as well. And listen email […]