Kandiss Marie Lewis

This week’s beautiful guest was Kandiss Marie Lewis. It must be hard to have to “make-out”  with some of the most handsome men in Hollywood, but for Kandiss it’s all in a days work!

And on this show some of your most OUTRAGEOUS email questions were answered!

Listen to the entire show here

Kandiss Marie Lewis was born in Milford, Delaware and grew up in Villa Rica, Georgia. She started modeling at age 18, working promotions, tradeshows, and events. Eventually she began print and commercial modeling,
and her experiences on set inspired her to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress. Now dedicated to acting, Kandiss spends her time studying the craft and working in as many projects as she can.
Recently, she can be seen in major motion pictures
such as Life As We Know It, Friends With Benefits, and In Time, as well as a slew of commercials and music videos. Kandiss has also been busy working with Ubisoft on the Dance team…Ubisoft Dance Crew. Traveling the states,
demoing the game, hosting different media events, celebrity birthdays, and even speaking about the game on G4tv. (Games include: Just Dance 3, The Michael Jackson Experience, and The Black Eyed Peas Experience.)

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