Carolyn Stotesbery

 Actress, model and humanitarian Carolyn Stotesbery talks about her life, her passions and her philanthropy. And all of your love and dating questions are answered.Listen to the full interview here

An actress, writer, singer, musician, and ultimately a producer, Carolyn Stotesbery is the epitome of a new age renaissance woman with poetic sensibility that interconnects her many talents. She has always been fiercely independent. As she branched out as an artist, living on her own at the age of 15, her family did the same, trading cattle for cabernet by moving from a Montana ranching community to the Napa Valley to create Ladera Vineyards which has flourished into a coveted label. Carolyn truly embodies the philosophy that life is an art-form and an expression of your inner world.Courted by modeling agents around the world, she has shot with top photographers, appeared on the glossy pages of popular magazines like Italian
Vogue and Glamour and has represented notable designer and brands. Dedicated to the study of the art of storytelling through acting and writing.

A humanitarian, always ahead of her time and passionate about making a
difference in the world, Carolyn is a strong supporter of Women’s Empowerment.
She is a member in the Luminary Circle of Step Up For Women a national, nonprofit
organization dedicated to connecting and advancing underprivileged teens and their

Most recently, Carolyn starred in the independent pilot Olympia which is Premiering
at the Riverside International film festival. She has two national commercials
running, Hersheys and Corona Light directed by famous helmer Mike Mills. Also,
the first pilot she’s written has been picked up for development by one of the top
production companies, and her new album is in the works as she goes into the
studio in the next upcoming weeks.

To learn more visit her website at
She may be contacted directly for interviews via telephone at 213-305-2638 or
email Carolyn’s Manager Brian Ferrantino of Ferrantino
Entertainment may be reached via email or telephone


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