Erika Ross

Gina welcomes Erika Ross to the show. Erika is not only SUPER hot, she has opinions! In fact Erika dispenses advice on her popular youtube channel called Let’s Be Honest and in this interview with Gina she holds nothing back. Topics in this show include: sex, dating, cheating and much much more!
Listen to the interview here

Erika Ross captivates an audience with her piercing green eyes and warm inviting smile. Her magnetic personality and high energy draw others in. Her self deprecating nature creates an instant connection with her viewers. Erika’s animated expressions along with her witty and playful banter are always sure to get a laugh.

Erika’s love of music has her attending a variety of concerts and musicals. She is notorious among her friends for starting dance parties wherever she can. She accredits this to her Cuban roots. Erika enjoys coordinating dinner parties, as well as movie outings, reality show marathons, and game nights.

Erika grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. This is where her love for country music originated. Erika considers herself a Georgia Peach at heart. She later moved to Arizona where she attended ASU. Erika left her college life at ASU and her Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority sisters to move to Hollywood and fulfill the desires of her heart.

She was fortunate enough to land a series regular role on the show Fashion House. She played the role of Lexi as Bo Derek’s assistant. She continued to land roles on hit shows like CSI:Miami, The Unit, Moonlight, and Lie to Me.

In between acting jobs Erika began hosting and absolutely loved it. Erika now knows that acting was put in her path to open doors for her true calling, hosting. She is currently hosting a weekly webisode called “Let’s Be Honest” where she gives dating and relationship advice.

Erika has also signed on with “Young Hollywood Network” as one of their correspondents. She just recently covered the Academy Awards and Grammy’s for the network.


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