Cynthia Basinet

Listen to the interview here    

Sultry sexy torch singer Cynthia Basinet is Gina’s guest. You might know Cynthia’s voice, which if often mistaken for Marilyn Monroe. In fact Marilyn Monroe never sang Santa Baby, it was Cynthia who covered Eartha Kitt’s version, but has always been though to be Marilyn singing Santa Baby, but in truth it was and is Cynthia Basinet. She is a man magnet and shares her experiences and thoughts with Gina on balancing serious political issues, making a difference while maintaining your femininity.

Cynthia Basinet started as a model for I Magnan. Later she became a model for Bob Mackie .After that, she worked in San Francisco modeling agency.She then spent the next 5 years in Europe modelling including campaigns for Bennetton with photographer, Oliviero Toscani.[7] In in the nineties, Cynthia Basinet starred in movies Last Dance, The Making of a Hollywood Madam, A Hard Death, and has also appeared in the Last Man on Earth segment of the Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction TV series.

In 2000, Cynthia Basinet launched her 1997 recorded version of “Santa Baby” under the name “C. Basinet”, a song that was originally a gift for friend and loverThe song has often been mistakenly credited to Marilyn Monroe, who never recorded Santa Baby.

Basinet has worked to draw attention to the plight of some 200,000 Sahrawi refugees living in the Western Sahara desert. In May 2001, she travelled to the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria to perform for the people there (who are more than 80 percent women and children).


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