Cynthia Basinet

Listen to the interview here     Sultry sexy torch singer Cynthia Basinet is Gina’s guest. You might know Cynthia’s voice, which if often mistaken for Marilyn Monroe. In fact Marilyn Monroe never sang Santa Baby, it was Cynthia who covered Eartha Kitt’s version, but has always been though to be Marilyn singing Santa Baby, but […]

Katarina Vargas

Listen to my interview with Katarina here The ULTRA gorgeous model and devoted mom Katarina Vargas is Gina’s guest on this show about over coming a major health issue, balancing career and family and of course she shares her views on love and dating. Also on this show is Kaia the psychic girl, who […]

Jamie Hogan

Listen to Jamie’s interview here Gina answers your questions on love and dating and her guest this week is Jaime Hogan. Originally from Washington state and from a great family, Jaime like most girls her age moved to Hollywood and was the “it girl” leading the Hollywood Party girl life until she decided to […]

Rachel Morgan DiSanto

Listen to Rachel here In this interview Rachel gives Gina the straight scoop on love and dating from her perspective. Are New York guys better to date than LA guys? What’s the biggest difference? Rachel tells all! And your email questions are answered. Rachel Morgan Di Santo is originally from New Jersey but later […]

Jesiree Dizon

Listen to my interview here  The beautiful and talented model and actress, Jesiree Dizon sits down with Gina to discuss her latest acting project and shares her experience with dating, and being a young single mom. Want to know the number one thing you’ll need in order to get a date with Jesiree? Then […]

Cathea Walters

Cathea might be one of the hottest Scientologists you’ll ever meet. Smart, kind, and a devoted single mom, Cathea and I discuss her life’s journey from the time she became a mom at a very young age until now. She freely discusses everything she has learned about life, love and religion along the way. Listen […]

Which Bitch Are You?

Here is a fun little clip of my recent radio interview where I explain the title of my book Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend Take a listen to this quick blurb and tell me what you think