Betsy Russell

    The hot the sexy Betsy Russell! Born in San Diego, California, Betsy Russell is best known for her starring role as “Jill   Tuck,” the ex-wife of the Jigsaw Killer in the Saw film franchise. Russell landed her first television role on a series called “The Powers of Matthew Star” (1982) with one line. Television roles began to pour in, until she landed an audition for a film that would change her career, the 1983 sex-comedy, cult classic film Private School (1983). She booked the role on the spot, being cast as “Jordon Leigh-Jensen,” playing opposite her idol Phoebe Cates. The film launched Russell into Hollywood stardom, and she quickly became known as the “it-girl,” known for her ability to play a sexy bitch, with innocence. Her scene riding a horse topless in slow motion would change the lives of young boys forever, touted as one of the sexiest scenes in movie history and making Russell an 80’s icon. She continued to work steadily in film, starring in movies such as Tomboy (1985), Avenging Angel (1985), Cheerleader Camp (1988), and made cameos in top television series including “The A-Team” (1983), “T.J. Hooker” (1982) and “Family Ties” (1982). In the height of her career, she met actor and tennis star Vincent Van Patten at The Playboy Mansion, where she visited frequently as her grandfather was a close friend of Hugh M. Hefner. Van Patten and Russell married in 1989, and had two beautiful boys. Russell decided to take a hiatus from acting, to focus on her family, and raising her children.

In this interview Betsy talks about dating in Hollywood, life after 40 and the do’s and don’t’s of dating.


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