Jesse Golden

Listen to my interview with Jesse here Jesse Golden became a supermodel with high profile clients that included Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria Secret, Speedo, Lucy Sport, Coca Cola, Gap, Nike. She has graced the covers of New York Times Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Newport Beach Magazine, Yoga International, and been featured in countless others. Gina’s very […]

Jenn Clark

Dating and sex dilemma’s were discussed with Gina’s special guest, Jenn Clark. Jenn is better known for her column JennX Thirtysomething and Single. When to have sex? How long to wait? Booty calls and getting busy are two VERY different things! Jenn Clark is a writer, blogger, and all around “sex-pert” when it comes to […]

Cassandra Dawn

Sex talk with Gina’s guest, Playboy model Cassandra Dawn. Gina and Cassandra talked about what it takes to be good in bed, best and worst dates and what men need to do, to please a woman.

Betsy Russell

    The hot the sexy Betsy Russell! Born in San Diego, California, Betsy Russell is best known for her starring role as “Jill   Tuck,” the ex-wife of the Jigsaw Killer in the Saw film franchise. Russell landed her first television role on a series called “The Powers of Matthew Star” (1982) with one line. Television […]

Tani T

Meet Tani self made entrepreneur and woman on a mission! What’s her mission, you ask? To share all that she has learned about dating with all of you. Here is my recent 2 part interviews